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Some examples of knowledge co-production, transfer and impact associated with our students’ projects:

Steve Crossley

  • Recontextualising and Operationalising the Troubled Families Programme.

Emil Evenhuis

  • The Political Economy of Adaptation and Resilience in Old Industrial Regions.

Julia Heslop

  • A Critical Examination of Self-build Construction as One Solution to the Current Social Housing Crisis.

Craig Johnson

  • Co-operation or Competition? Incentives and Obstacles to Co-operation Between British Centre-left Parties in an Era of Hung Parliaments.

Nicki Kindersley

  • The Political Identification of Southern Sudan Migrants in Khartoum, 1972-2012.

Sam Slatcher

  • Alternative Geographies of Co-existence: Inter-faith Movements and the Postsecular Landscape in the UK.