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We provide our award-holders with a comprehensive and attractive package of financial support over the duration of their studies, which incorporates:

  • A tax-free maintenance grant set at the UK Research Council's national postgraduate rate, which is currently £14,057 per annum;
  • Full payment of tuition fees during an award-holder's period of supervised study; and
  • An individual research training support grant (RTSG) of £750 per annum to fund domestic fieldwork, attendance at conferences/events and other research expenses (only provided during the period of doctoral study).

Part-time award-holders receive a maintenance grant and RTSG at levels that are pro-rata to their time commitment, which is usually 50%.

Award-holders who are undertaking research in Finance and Economics will receive a further £3,000 per annum enhancement to their maintenance grants during their doctoral studies. Additionally, students awarded collaborative studentships may receive additional funds from their collaborative partners. 

Award-holders are also able to apply for additional funding for international fieldwork, difficult language training and collaborative activities, depending on the nature of their research, once they have commenced their PhD. If you are intending to undertake international fieldwork and/or anticipate requiring further difficult language training please ensure that these plans are clearly detailed in your research project proposal.

Furthermore, NEDTC award-holders are registered as visiting students at the partner institution where they are not studying. This provides all our students with full access to key study resources, such as library provision, offered by both Durham and Newcastle universities.