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The NEDTC offers an advanced, cutting-edge, multidisciplinary doctoral training programme that provides participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to undertake high-quality social science research.

Through the NEDTC the award-winning doctoral training provision offered at Durham and Newcastle universities is brought together to provide NEDTC students with an unique range of courses that:

  • provides a comprehensive grounding in key social science research methodologies;
  • enables students to develop specialist, expert knowledge of a chosen methodological area; and
  • supports students to gain a wide-range of complementary, transferable skills.

Advanced Training Programme

Each year we run a series of advanced training courses that are open to all PhD students to attend.

In the 2016/17 academic year, our advanced training programme included:

  • International Fieldwork in Developing Countries and Emerging Economies (Dec 2016)
  • Writing Across Boundaries (April 3rd - 4th 2017, Collingwood College, Durham University)
  • Visual Methodologies (tbc)
  • Participatory Action Reserach (tbc)

Registered PhD social science students at Durham, Newcastle, Northumbria, Sunderland and Teeside universities can enrol on these courses for free as well as students from Ulster and Queens; and other interested PhD students can also attend for a small fee (£30 per day).

Writing Across Boundaries (April 3rd - 4th 2017, Collingwood College, Durham University)

Each year the Writing Across Boundaries Project runs an intensive, two-day, residential workshop for social science PhD students in their third year to explore analytical and practical approaches to writing and offers participants an opportunity to reflect on the writing process itself as a form of social science thinking. See the following link for details of how to apply.


Visual Methodologies

Visually Mediated Research: Using Visual Methods in the Social Sciences
Durham/ Newcastle collaborative DTC Advanced Training
Facilitated by Dr Pamela Woolner, Dr Jill Clark, Karen Laing and Dr Elaine Hall

The main aim of this advanced training is to focus on the use of visual methods to mediate interactions and build understandings within social science research. We will focus on different types of visual prompts and the processes associated with them; how they can be used within data collection, analysis and presentation stages of the research process. We aim to raise the profile of visual methodology and build capacity across the social sciences in the effective use of this advancing field. See the following link for more details and a link to register.



Participatory Action Research (tbc)

The bookings are currently live for this course. Any postgraduate doctoral researchers or members of community organisations who are interested are advised to book as soon as possible. It is being delivered by the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action. Please see the following link for more details and a link to register


ESRC Data and Methods Services Supporting Research and Providing Training

The ESRC funds a range of data and methods services to support research and study.  It provides resources needed to access high quality socio-economic data and to develop research skills: ESRC Data and Methods Services.